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Welcome to the Three Friends Go Criterion, the show where we horse around and discuss some of the finest films in cinema history.


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Feb 19, 2019

Clark Little, host of the Overlook Hour Podcast and co-founder of the Unnamed Footage Festival, the US's only festival devoted to found footage/POV/faux documentary horror, returns to talk about all of the offerings of this year's event.

This thing is going to be jam packed with great stuff for any fan of the sub-genre,...

Feb 15, 2019

Jessica and Erica join us for a conversation on Brandon and Jessica's impending parenthood and a very indepth candy bar taste test.

Feb 12, 2019

Mickey's out sick, it's Valentine's Day, so you know what that means - it's time for THE TWO FRIENDS AFTER DARK.

We're joined by Jessica Chang and Erica Hamilton to discuss Jennifer Chambers Lynch's cult favorite Boxing Helena.

Feb 8, 2019

Aleina and Jim sit down with us to discuss some recent celebrity passings, the Criterion Channel, Smash Brothers, and some news about the Batman.

We also get into Into the Spider-Verse, Stan & Ollie, Holmes & Watson, Coming to America, Annihilation, the Mysterious Object at Noon, and the Kid Who Would Be King, but...

Feb 5, 2019

Aleina and Jim join us for a spirited discussion of Hulu and Netflix's dueling Fyre Fest documentaries.