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Welcome to the Three Friends Go Criterion, the show where we horse around and discuss some of the finest films in cinema history.


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Feb 27, 2018

This week we're joined by two of the co-founders and programmers of the Unnamed Footage Festival, Madeleine Koestner (founder of Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival, writer for Diabolique and Fangoria) and Clark Little (host of the Overlook Hour Podcast and reviewer for the Overlook Theatre.) UFF is the first festival in the US dedicated to First Person, Found Footage and Faux-Documentary films.
With that in mind we also discuss all things found footage, with a special emphasis on the Criterion Collection's release of Man Bites Dog, the wildly controversial though unquestionably influential faux-documentary about the day to day life of a wacky serial killer.
The Unnamed Footage Festival is happening 3/24/18 - 3/25/18 at the Balboa Theatre in San Francisco - grab your tickets here!